It’s a Fair Day

13aug_fairpie2_smsmIt’s County Fair Time again!

Fairs: you either love them or… it’s expensive, it’s hot, it’s dusty, it’s crowded, the food is bad, it smells like animals, all the vendors are con artists, and my feet hurt…

All of those things are true.

I love the County Fair.

County fairs are a cheerful remnant of simpler times, when people came together to sell, to buy, to share their work, to compete a little, and to perspire in common under the summertime sun. At the fair we can eat overcooked corn on the cob, sausage on a stick, sugary lemonade, and pie from the Methodist pie concession. We get advice from the County Extension booth, and admire the gigantic tractors,


or sit on them,


or drive them.


We gaze upon the patient cudding cattle mothers and marvel at their size,


and we eye the flat-backed steers on their way to the judging ring,


overseen by the haughty llamas, superior in every attitude


to the slumbering pigs,


the smiling, slumbering pigs.


Who cannot love a sleeping pig?


At the fair you can learn how to milk a cow.


You can admire the curls of the visitors.


You can buy a thrill,


or try your hand at winning a — whatever that was,


and eat pink stuff until you are ill,


and you can save your soul.


Or you can sleep it all off with your friends.


And then you go to the crafts hall to appreciate the prize-winning handwork which sometimes shows a fine sense of humor!


And some of it is lovely and detailed.


And you look to see whether you won anything with your own entry. And you did! You won a blue ribbon on the brown wool sweater in the front of the case!


So you take your tired feet back across the parking lot, and you drive home remembering that you didn’t actually ride the thrill ride, and you didn’t eat any cotton candy or a sausage, but you did have a piece of pie.


And since it came from the Methodists, you will probably not be punished for it later.



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  1. Beautiful! and comprehensive, too! You got a lot of details in this post…:)

    • Thanks! I enjoyed a “skip” through your blog, too!


  2. Great post about the fair. You should submit that to a publication. Yeah for the brown sweater!!


    Sent from my iPhone


    • Thank you kindly, from me and the sweater.


  3. I offered to go, even though I’m not much for fairs. “Why would you want to?” “To support you and your sweater entry.” True enough, but points earned even without an appearance. Besides, I was at the body shop supervising the installation of a hitch on the new car: suitable for a bike rack or the new, fancy, aluminum utility farm trailer – take that, Elon.

    It really is an elaborate and beautiful piece of knitting.


    • See, you either love the fair or… not. No middle ground. But I appreciated the offer to come along. It was sort of above the call.


  4. Church pies have no calories.

    • I’m sure you must be right. I’m pretty sure…


  5. A delightful and charming ode to the county fair. You continue to make the Meese proud.

    • Mack! How good to hear from you! I miss our Meese.


      • As do I. But the world continues its minute by minute plodding into the future.

        It is refreshing to know that despite the world’s attempts to leave so much behind, I can still pop open my RSS feed and see that things are still well with both of you.

      • Just so you know, you remind me I always have been a little in love with you. Just so you know.


  6. Oh the St Helier got a blue ribbon! Well done! So pleased. Was that with or without the petticoat frill?

    And I adore county fairs too, every bit of them. Thanks for sharing yours.

    • That is with the petticoat/shirttail/skirt thing. I had said I might take it off because it does make a long garment, but I decided it isn’t that long, and the sweater is uniquely quirky with it. When I get it back, I’ll see about adding a photo of the bottom edge.


  7. Wonderful photos and description! The Fair folks should hire you as their PR photographer. You captured some of the sweet, unadvertised moments of a county fair. I’m going early tomorrow!

    • Oh, have a good time! And you can report on the Commissioners’ meeting when we have breakfast Monday!


  8. Wonderful! I feel as if I got to go to the fair, too!

    • Next time, Barbara. We will go next time.


  9. I love North Carolina’s state fair, too. I especially like the photo of the little boy sleeping with his calves.

    • Hi, George. On the photo of the little boy, I could not believe my luck when the calf turned its head to rest it on the boy’s own head. Oh, quick! Make the frame! Focus! Click. Sometimes the magic works.


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