Autumn Greeting

It’s the time of year a person cannot go outside without encountering a spider web. Webs across the coat sleeve. Webs across the face. Eeeack. That feeling of knowing a spider is somewhere down your collar or in your hair.

Lovely lady in waiting

This one is beautiful. She is called Argiope aurantia, or the Black and Yellow Garden Spider.

Look at the imprint of the alien lady with the bouffant hair, in black on yellow. What could possibly speak more clearly of October than this gorgeous spider hanging in her house?

R. asked me the other day, “Except for pigs, what do you think spiders think about all day?”

My opinion?


Lady at luncheon

For all we know, that could be her succulent husband in the package.

October greetings to you.

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  1. I have never noticed the alien with the bouffant hairdo before. Great catch!

    Always looking out for the odd visitor around here. You never know who you might encounter in the garden!


  2. Great pictures! Spiders are so cool. Cheers, Dr Reese

    Thanks! Glad you enjoyed her.


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