When Good Cats Reach Their Limit

Welcome to Yellowcat, Yarnell, and Nielsen.

I’m Yellowcat, and I have opinions.

08oct_yeloowcat1_cr_smBecause my name comes first, my opinions count. One of them is that house construction is only to be put up with for a very short time.

This project has gone on way too long.

For the most part, I have been very patient. When they tore down the porch where I used to leave them gall bladders and tails of rodents from the field,


I was philosophical about it, and moved my trophy display to the door of their new studio workshop.

When strangers arrived with heavy boots and hammers,


I retired graciously to the jungle and let them go about their work. Yellowcat can cope.

Evenings and weekends, when they leave the site unattended,


I’ve been diligent in policing the grounds, making sure everything is as it should be. I take my work seriously, and carry on even when circumstances are difficult.  I am, after all, Yellowcat.

The sound of my name should be enough to bring order to the household: Yellowcat.

There comes a time, however, when even Yellowcat reaches a limit of tolerance. Day after day, these construction crews tramp through my domain without so much as a by-your-leave, excuse me, or thank you.


I can’t stand this one more minute.

This morning I discovered an unattended vehicle. As always, they leave their equipment around, expecting it to be there when they come back.


Well, they may have another think coming. Just let me get this thing figured out…



Here I go.

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  1. Go, Yellowcat, go! There is a limit to what a mighty feline must endure, and you have clearly been most patient. It’s time to drive that vehicle off site and into a nearby brook. You of course, will escape before even a drop of water touches your fur.

    Water? [shudder]


  2. Brilliant cat. Clearly smarter than *those* humans who torture him.

    Yes, indeed. Some things hardly need to be said.


  3. Yellowcat must be too modest to mention his extreme good looks. How appropriate that he drives a Bobcat.

    Not too modest at all. It just seemed something one would take for granted.


  4. I’m in full sympathy Yellow Cat. We just remodeled our bathroom and kitchen and enough is enough. Let your opinions be heard. You know the saying the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

    You hear squeaking? Who’s squeaking? Show me!


  5. Yeah, I say, Yeah, unto thee.

    Go, Yellowcat, GO!!!

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