Spring Sprang

Last weekend, on a day just as it should be this time of year, we had some rain, some wind, some sun… and the Spring Fiber Sale at Abernethy Grange. It was market day for vendors and buyers of all things for spinners, knitters, crocheters and weavers.  Last year at this time, I shared how it puts me in mind of market days of the past. The scents and sights; the background hum of sellers chatting with shoppers; the reunions with folks from small farms in the hills; it’s all a ritual of time-worn regularity. We come together with the hope of exchange of goods and news, just as our forebears did. It’s pleasing to know these market days still take place, though they are surely less common than they once were.

Right on time for the Spring Equinox, the lettuce in my milk jugs awoke. There it is! Look close.


See the previous post for the run-up to that.

And best of all, when I came home from the Fiber Sale, I found a new stranger in the sheep shed.

First ewe lamb of 2009This is the first lamb of 2009, a ewe lamb, grabbing her breakfast. You will notice the look of warning I’m getting from her mother, Paige. Paige does not take any messing around with her lambs. She is the alpha ewe in our flock, and you can perhaps see why. She is in command from the first moment.

It seems to us that primacy in the flock is passed on from mother to child. It is always the aplha ewe who breeds and delivers first. As a result, her lamb has a head start over the others who will arrive shortly after. That first lamb is a few days older, has her feet on the ground, is boss from the get-go and ready to tell any rivals just what they are made of before they have a first thought. So, naturally, the Main Sheep’s lamb is the Main Lamb: the Crown Princess in this case.

We asked our friend Ava to give a name to this year’s first lamb. Therefore, I give you: Ava the Lamb.


Ava, you might notice, is a palindrome.

Ava backwards is the same.

She’s the same both ways.

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  1. Indeed, the perfect name!

    I think, in fact, it had to be her name. Sometimes you just have to wait until you’re told.


  2. Ava is so cute! Is she for wool or for eating. Make her for wool; I wouldn’t want to eat such an adorable little lamb. But then I don’t like lamb.

    Oh, for wool, Ruth! (But, as a friend of ours says, ‘You don’t eat them when they’re cute babies. You wait until they’re teenagers.’)


  3. What a pretty lamb! Congratulations! Any more yet?

    3 so far, Karen: 1 ewe and 2 rams. Two mamas to go this year. Imagine, if you can, having only 5 ewes to lamb out! What’s your count this year?


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