Small Gratification

How silly is this?

For… what? six weeks I reckon, I have been dying to plant things. I’m sure it’s partly the harsher than normal winter we’ve had, and the looking out at a devastated landscape where the new house is rising but any semblance of a garden is gone. And part of it might be the usual thing that happens more or less every February when the seed catalogues start appearing in the mailbox, the lengthening of the days becomes evident, and the gardener in a woman just wants to bust out into the dirt. All that. But this year we have no place to start seedlings, and no herb garden to clip and tend on a dry weekend in winter, nor any unexpected blooms peeking from garden corners.

I did come around the wall and spot these happy souls this afternoon.

Wood Violets!

But it’s not the same as having a real garden. It’s even too early to plan much because I can’t yet see the shape of the land around the house.  And though we will have something wonderful in the way of a greenhouse when it’s done, it isn’t there yet.

So Skepweaver was shuffling through old seed packets, sighing disconsolately, and wondering what to do about it, when her eyes fell upon: empty milk jugs waiting to go out to the recycle bin. And for some reason, she thought of greenhouses just then, little greenhouses. And she took out her scissors, punched holes, cut the jugs in half, filled them with potting soil left over from last summer, and pushed in a lettuce seed, one for each jug. Then she taped the tops back on, leaving the lids off for ventilation, and set them out in the feeble March sun.

Jug gardenSomehow, this lacks something.

That was last weekend. During the week we had days of sun. Cold sun, but sun, and I imagined my jug garden to be nurturing potential captive in the chill.

I peeked inside this morning.

Anything going on?

It doesn’t seem like much is happening. Huh.

Well. It’s a start.

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  1. This is clearly my garden: Things grow in spite of me.

    Things wanna grow. Sometimes we get to help them along. Sometimes we just have to stand out of the way.


  2. Those are the oddest milk jugs I’ve ever seen…

    As for gardening, we still have about a foot of snow in some places, only six inches in others, but though the meadow has started to appear around the edges, there is no green…It’s been 15 or so every morning for a few days, with a nasty north wind…very unpleasant…So, mostly I look at catalogues. John starts plants under lights in the basement at the end of the month…Most can’t go out til mid May or better yet, early June, so there’s no point in starting them now; they just get leggy…but don’t they say that the sign of an adult is the ability to delay gratification? Oh, well…I can’t take credit for it: there just isn’t any thawed out soil to plant in.

    They are definitely odd milk jugs. The idea is they use less packaging because they can stack on each other without being in boxes. But they are awkward to pour from — more awkward even than the old kind.

    Forsythia is blooming here!


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