Winter’s End?

They say it’s nearly spring. After all, we’re in Lent. It’s the time hints of winter’s end are lurking in corners. Cross through the orchard, and discover first buds tightly wrapped.

First buds

Come around the end of the studio, and see pussy willows in fur:

Pussy Willow

The hens seem to know it’s almost Easter…

Ready for Easter!

Except for the matter of this morning’s dawn snow…

March snow at Highland

we’d think we were on our way to a new season.

I’m ready to reconsider the joys of wool and woodfires. Really. ‘Nuff winter.

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  1. ‘Nuff winter? There’s never enough if you’ve got summers like the ones here in North Carolina. I love winter!

    Now, George, I love winter, too. I love the prospect of snuggling warm in front of the fire, toes in wool socks, a cup of steaming, strong tea at hand. But, you see, we’ve not been warm this winter, the wool socks aren’t enough, and the tea — heck, we can see our own breath, who needs the tea to steam? It’s cold before you get to the end of the cup. Next year, as we look out through the Solar, let it be winter!


  2. What do you mean ’nuff wool? NO way, it’s not possible. One can never have enough wool.

    I like your eggs. I want chickens but it’s not legal to raise them in suburban NJ. So I’ll admire yours and your eggs instead.

    Well… I’m ready to concede I’m tired of the NEED to keep on stuffing myself into wool. In the abstract, of course, wool builds strong bodies 8 ways, is the base of the pyramid, feels good, smells good, is the original secret ingredient, is like unto Manna but for wearing. But NEEDING to wear wool is another matter. I’d like to bask a little sometime soon.

    I like our eggs, too. I like our mixed-up flock of pretty hens. What’s wrong with NJ? We had hens even when we lived in town. Roosters are prohibited in most towns, but you’re usually allowed around 3 hens. We had more than 3, actually, but the neighbors bought eggs and no one complained. Right now there is an upswing in backyard flocks of hens in town, part of people trying to get themselves through. There is even a class available to take: City Chicks. Bad, NJ.


  3. I’m in suburbia, not NJ farm country. People here take chickens and goats very seriously. Not that I know anything at all about chickens and goats, but I think they are fun and bizarre critters.

    I need to dye a yarn based on your eggs. Do you mind if I steal your pic so I remember what to dye?

    Knock yourself out, Sweetie. It’s just your favorite pastel range, isn’t it?


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