Construction Update: Doorways and Windows and Floors, Oh My

It has seemed like things have been static for a while now. That wasn’t really the case, but for some long weeks there was little evidence of progress visible on the outside of the house.  It looked like this for … ever:

Fall through winter...

But things were going on underground and behind scenes. Here you see the studding for the interior walls:

Steel wall studs

and the footings for the raised beds in the greenhouse:Footings for the greenhouse beds

These, below, are ventilation pipes that will carry cooling air into the house from the earth berm on the north side. Here, Richard is preparing them with self-leveling concrete inside, to provide an even surface that will allow condensation to flow downward.

Preparing ventilation pipes for installation

Eventually we saw the first floor sky view closed off as the steel pan for the second floor was installed. The construction crew was unhappy to be at work in the snow, but on this beautiful morning, I caught one of the construction crew with his camera out, taking advantage of the second-floor viewpoint.

The sky view is closed offThe masonry for the greenhouse beds has been built up:

The greenhouse raised beds

And at last, the second floor walls stand. It looks a little institutional at this point. Imagine, if you will, the house gables above, the greenhouse extending off this side of the house, and the exterior walls stuccoed in earth tones. Much remains to be done before that, however.

Soaring walls

Contemplating all that work tires even Yellowcat, on the job as project supervisor.

Even the job foreman takes a break now and then

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  1. Whoa! Your house is becoming a reality here. Neat pics on the construction!

    Ruth! What were you doing up at that hour? You should have been in bed!


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