County Fair!

It’s Fair time again.

(To readers on slow connections, I apologize. This issue is heavy on pictures. I know it’s a pain. Just keep in mind, as you wait, that I am on a dial-up, too, and waited with you.)

This year I was doing duty in the Keep Our Libraries Open campaign booth, so my Fair-seeing time was limited to some short dashes through the grounds. Here is my friend, ally, and Library Director Doris, offering advocacy materials from the booth.

You just have to think you can still live in simpler times when you go to the Fair. It is the opportunity to spend your summer’s earnings on any kind of (what was I thinking) treat,

cotton candy,

fine personalized portraiture,

and authentic historical experiences,

not to mention curly fries, tattoos (fake ones), and thrill rides on the midway.

You can buy anything from elastic shoelaces to a tractor. You can buy a cure for any kind of discomfort,

find free entertainment watching the stage hypnotist,

or the rodeo riders exercising their horses,

or… whatever…

(Sorry, women, I tried to get a nice photo for our side. I followed a guy around for about 5 minutes, wanting a shot of his ass in tight shorts, but he kept being behind something or facing the wrong way, or, worse yet, sitting on it. I finally had to give up and go back to the Library booth.)

In the exhibition hall you see the displays of quilts,

needlework, knitting (the 2 blue-ribbon sweaters in the foreground were entered by our neighbor Jackie),

and tatting, the fine, award winning fleeces,

the displays of photographs,

and the paintings. Always, there are the portraits of horse’s heads.

There is, this year, the Taj Mahal made entirely of match sticks.

In the animal barns are sleeping pigs, impeccably groomed llamas, brushed-up cattle, clipped sheep, bouquets of chickens,

and rabbits dozing in the summer heat, waiting for their opportunity to bite.

At last the weary Fair-goer requires a reward for her efforts. What better than a bit of church?

(What, one wonders, is a Methodist Pie?)

Ah. Yes.

All in all, it’s a journey through a world redolent with the smells of animals and food, loud with the clash of musicians and hawkers, crowded, dusty, garish, and wonderful. Incomparable. Wonderful.

You have to love a fair.

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  1. Whatever!! 😉

  2. To answer Susan’s question “What is Methodist pie,” it may be helpful to refer to “A Little Priest” which is sung by Sweeney and Mrs. Lovett in “Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street,” music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim with book by Hugh Wheeler.

    {For those who haven’t seen the Broadway musical or the recent film, these lyrics describe the merits of different kinds of meat that Mrs Lovett puts in her meat pies. When she used cat, they didn’t sell nearly as well. Of particular interest, see the descriptions of priest, curate, bishop, vicar and friar.)

    Any time I can be of help, just ask.


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