Peek Inside

At last the studio is beginning to look like a place where work and life take place!

Some warts still, but getting there...

Some warts still, but getting there...

Here’s a shot Richard took, showing the interior of the new studio with some of its final attributes in place. The picture will get a little bigger if you click it. You can see there is some painting still to be done. The cabinets do not match in style (later they will be painted to match in color, though) because some of them have come out of the old house, and some were purchased at Rebuilders Center, that dangerous place in Portland where you can buy recycled and salvaged house parts. The ones from the house have utterly plain fronts, so it shouldn’t be much of a conflict. I’m told mis-matched dinnerware is all the thing these days, so why not mis-matched cabinets?

The Kohler double-basin porcelain sink came from the RC, too, as well as the high-rise faucet. Richard priced the sink the other day at $1,100 new, without the fixture. I blush to say we paid $125 for this one, and it’s just fine.

Behind the large painting of sheep before a barn (maybe you can’t see that so well, but it’s a charming original work that came from the Goodwill a couple of years ago) is the bathroom with shower. The bathroom window will eventually host a stained-glass design that Richard made for me many years ago and that we took out of the old house in Portland when we moved out here. That sweet little table with matching chairs came from Goodwill, too. It fits the space along the wall as if it were planned for it.

Above the bathroom wall you can see the loft which, for a while, will be mostly storage. What doesn’t show in this photo is the pull-down ladder to the loft. Very handy, and it disappears into the ceiling when we’re not using it.

The woodstove still needs to be installed. Some things here and there need to be addressed by the contractors. But it’s beginning to look like a studio to use.

Yellowcat gave it her inspection and seemed to find it suitable.

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  1. Keep working on painting! Unless W completely wrecks my IRAs, it shouldn’t be too much longer before I retire – then we’ll come visit you and experience this amazing place of yours.

  2. At the moment you’d have to sleep on a concrete floor. Be patient and we’ll have a proper house in which to receive you, the Amazing Place.


  3. So, it looks like you’d better start taking reservations! Studio looks lovely. I love the table and chairs and the painting.

    One of those nights where sleep eludes me; thunderstorms all night, so I’m up and checking out blogs I haven’t had time for lately.

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