This is what happens when it rains all spring without cease:

Me in tall grass

Not, as it might appear, that the earth tilts under the weight of the grass (the camera was propped on a fence post for this shot), but that the grass gets very tall and seedy before it can be mowed. This is in the orchard where I can’t put the sheep or llamas to graze because they do not stop with the grass. It would be nice if they would distinguish between what I want them to eat and what I want for us.

I can scythe this down and feed it loose and fresh to the animals, but that has meant working in the rain. This weekend we may get some of it swept down. The sheep and llamas will make short work of the offering, and William the mule will positively croon and mutter over it. He makes little grunty noises when he’s given a treat. “Oh, boy. Haven’t had long fresh grass since this time last year!” Seems he feels about grass like I do asparagus.

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