I Will Love You Till I Die

If you are not a regular reader here, you must see the previous post to have the background for this one…

An 18th Century song sings this of a lover’s heart:

Black, black, black
is the color of my true love’s hair
Alone, my life would be so bare.
I would sigh, I would weep,
I would never fall asleep
My love is ‘way beyond compare
She with the wondrous hair.
Black, black, black
is the color of my true love’s hair.

Click here to listen to a Midi file of the tune and see a longer version of the lyrics: Black is the Color of My True Love’s Hair.

There is not much that’s more maudlin than a folk song about lost love, but I feel like wallowing today.

Our P.D. could not make it through without his Black Locust. You can’t imagine how I ached for him as I watched him grieve. We read of lovers who die of broken hearts. Now I have seen it’s true. I knew when he took up his place in front of the barn he was going to die. After watching him hold his vigil for a week at the place Locust died, and seeing him drift at the edge of the herd after that, I knew when he settled down to wait for her at the barn door that he was going to follow her. All he needed was a couple of days to get there.

Apricot in flower

The apricot tree is blooming in the snowfall today. Let them be flowers for Locust and P.D.

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  1. I’m so sorry to hear about P.D. What a beautiful old soul.

    May spring bring plenty of wooly little distractions.


  2. That’s a nice thought. I believe he may have been one, an old soul.


  3. Oh, Susan, I’m so sorry: to lose two beloved pets in so short a time…how very sad…but the hedgerows burst forward with new life, so that must be some comfort. Life DOES go on…no resurrection without also death first…

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