Equinox Snow

I came home Thursday evening to find snow on the ground again. In town we had no trace of such a thing, and it only began to appear at the roadside as I drove up the hills toward home. By the time I pulled into the driveway, we had a nice dusting over everything. It was supposed to be the edge day between winter and spring, the Vernal Equinox. Weather comes as it pleases, I suppose, and has signed no performance contracts with the calendar. It’s a reminder, lest we begin to think we’re in control of things.

Equinoctial Snow

The evidence lasted over night, but was gone again by the next afternoon. It was Equinox eve, however, and we did not expect new snow to help celebrate it.

Equinox: Latin aequus nox: equal night (and, by extension, day).

On an equinox day, the Sun will spend nearly equal times above and below the horizon everywhere on Earth, and night and day will be almost the same length. It’s those moments we use to define the change of the seasons. And in spite of the snow, there are signs all around here that the days are growing longer.

As long as we are onto celestial subjects like the equal points of the seasons, this week brought us a Worm Moon. Worm Moon is the March full moon which, as folklore goes, announces warm spring days, thawing ground, and worms. Those are all here, and the robins, too, in spite of the snow. In fact, I have noticed an unseemly amount of embracing going on among the earthworms in the pasture the past couple of weeks, an indication of why the old folks named this full moon as they did. For a list of full moon names, see this article in Wikipedia: Full moon.

This year, the Worm Moon coincides with the Paschal Moon, the first full moon of the northern spring (spring being the result of the Vernal Equinox) that sets the date of Easter. The Paschal full moon is early this year, in fact right on the Equinox, and so then, is Easter.

Easter blessings, and a new season to you all.

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