CSI: Back Yard

We had a good stiff wind come through, and quite a number of kiwi fruits came off the vine. I collect them up. Some are good for the table, some are good for sheep treats. And some, I notice, have been nibbled.

Breakfast Fruit

More than nibbled… Someone has been taking good servings of pre-dawn fruit portions from the garden, tidily sampling their way from one berry to another.

Hmm, I think as I go through the gate in the morning, I wonder who that is? And I think it could be raccoon, ‘possum, squirrel… but this morning we had a new snowfall again, and the suspect left her tracks behind:

Wascawwy Wabbit!

It’s the rabbit who often picks up fruit drops in the orchard. If you haven’t seen rabbit tracks before, the above might not look like a give-away: a three-legged rabbit? But if you think about how a rabbit gets along, it will be clear: the two marks at the top of the picture are the hind toes of the rabbit coming down ahead of the close-together front toes.

I think ours is the little Western Brush Rabbit, Sylvilagus bachmani. She will be mating next month, and I imagine she’s filling herself with every delicacy she can find right now.

Elmer: Oh boy!! Wabbit twacks!!

(Go here: Wabbit Season to actually hear Elmer talk about rabbit tracks.)

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  1. CSI: the post [I’ll admit to having inside information.]

    You may wonder how on earth one could come up with the spelling of “Wabbit twacks,” among other things.

    One searches using Google, of course. But how does one find “wascally wabbit?” One searches on the “Wabbit” one is sure of.

    It turns out that each of the lines in that script has a sound track attached. An amusing past time for a semi-snowy January day.


  2. It seems the canonical spelling is “Wascawwy Wabbit.” But I’m a stickler for forms.


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