Construction Update: We’re Framed

My brother has asked for a construction update. So here are some views of recent progress.

This window:

The arch beneath the arch

I love this window. Partly because I think it looks great, but in good portion because I really, really like the story of how we got it. We had gone to the Rebuilders Center, looking for a good sink for the studio. The RC is a place where usable, OK, and sometimes fine things from deconstructed or remodeled houses end up. It is an enormous warehouse full of everything, including the kitchen sink, that might go into a building. You have to prowl through, because there are literally hundreds of kitchen sinks. There are doors and windows, toilets, lamps, hinges, floors, faucets, tubs, cupboards, appliances, wiring, switches, ceiling fans, filigrees, pipes and panels… if a house can need it, it is there. We had picked out our good sink and were strolling toward the door when I spotted that arched window resting against an old toilet. “How much is that?!” I swooped. I’m told I swooped. The Kitchen Sink Department man said it had to go up to Windows, because it had just come in and was in the wrong place. I not only swoop, I do not let go when I have acquired a targeted item. We carried it upstairs to Windows. It’s a heavy thing to carry because it’s double-paned and bound with bronze. The Windows man priced it at $40. We smiled, not knowing exactly where we were going to put it, but certain it would go with something.

We have a front door, too:

Front entry

Notice how it’s going to be arched to match the building, and the window?

Now turn around and look out the back door:

Back entrance

That will be a bathroom to the left. The sliding door came from the main house, which some of you may remember is meant to fall down in Phase II of this project. You can see the proportion of the loft under the arch. For some reason, when the framer put the end wall framing in, he didn’t put the ventilation fan in the center of the arch. You can see the little box he made just to the left of center. This won’t do. Here we have this wonderful front aspect with the curved window, and he decided to just stick the fan any old place on the rear wall. He’ll be coming back to fix that.

It’s starting to look like the building we have in mind, and I think we are both growing fond of it.

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  1. Hi, Susan,

    So, this is the studio, not living quarters? What happens for living quarters, once the house is down? I love the spacious, open feel of this studio, and the window and arches. I can well imagine you both growing to like it.

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