Construction Update: Hoops to Go Through

This is a Guy Post:

For those who have been waiting for the next installment of the workshop chronicle, we have an update.

Not long ago, the first arch rose:

The first arch stands

At this stage, I thought the project looked very stylish, and it put me in mind of this arch elsewhere:

St. Louis Arch

Shortly, however, we thought of a baby Sistine Chapel, begging for some artist to lie on his back painting the ceiling:

La Cappella Sistina di Beavercreek

(I know: I’ve seen the Sistine Chapel, and it really isn’t arched on the outside. But we tend toward lively imagination here. And we wonder, if Michaelangelo had had the benefit of a scissors lift, would he have brought his project in on time? It would have saved a lot of climbing.)

Detail of arches and bolts

One of our readers has asked about the bolting-together of the arches. Here’s a closer look at the last few arches before they are brought together. Each arch is assembled on the ground (bolted together) before it’s raised into place and bolted to its neighbor. Lots of bolts.

The end-wall framers should be upon us today.  Once it has ends with doors and windows, it should begin to look like its final self.

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  1. On the other hand, living as we do within spitting distance of the end of the Oregon Trail, one might say we’d be better citizens of Clackamas County if we were to claim it reminds one of a great Conestoga wagon.

    As for its final self, that will probably be another year in the making when we finally get around to hiding the arch galvanizedness of itself.

  2. We could put wheels on it. And harness the mule to the front.

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