From the Ground Up!

A mere memory now, here is the last of the old studio-workshop, on its way away:

At your disposal

And here is the beginning of the new:


The round black things are water tanks. We installed those several years ago. They are useful in the times when the power goes out (a regular event in winter), when they can provide water to the stock areas. They also make available 7500 gallons of firefighting water if it should be needed. The Fire Department put one of their 4″ red valves on the tanks, making the water hose ready.

Washing walls

This is Richard, washing down the foundation wall. It was not strictly necessary to wash it… We had the idea we would stain the exposed concrete with earth, and the oil used to release the concrete from the forms (peanut oil, according to the contractor) made the earth not stick. As it turns out, the whole idea went south since that wall will be mostly buried anyway and we may have a more imaginative treatment in mind for the exposed portions. More on that later.Spinners and fiber handlers: here is fiber content:

Fiber in concrete

This is the concrete used in the foundation wall. You can see bits of fiber sticking out of the clumps. Okay, so I misled you. This is not spinning fiber. I’m told it’s recycled plastic, used to strengthen the wall. A good use for something otherwise thrown away.

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