Highland Chocolate

Oops. This is not what you want to see when you go out to the barn in the morning:

Very leaky pipe.

We had noticed there was no water in the house.

Let’s compare the virtues of country living with town life. In the country, when you have a big draw on the water system, the whole thing stops. You know pretty quickly that either the well has collapsed or the water is going someplace unintended. In town… we might not have known about this until we got a $600 water bill in the mail, and went out to see our water meter whizzing at light speed. In town, you call the water bureau to shut things off, and you call the plumber to come fix it. Or you mess around with it until you are wet and tired and then you call the plumber. Out here, you look for the diagram you made once of all the shut-offs, then you skip straight to the wet and tired, because you are going to fix it yourself.Fix it yourself.

In this case, it was only a broken nipple, and not too deep after all. But it wasn’t what we had intended to do with an afternoon. When it’s for a 42-cent part, that 1-hour drive to town and back seems long. I got 2 spares so we would never need to use them.

(It may look like I wasn’t helping, but I can’t be both the photographer and the plumber!)

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  1. very impressive, a plumber without the plumber’s crack.

  2. I guess that’s because he’s not a professional. 😉

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