Hayfoot, Strawfoot

Self-patterning yarns are such fun. I never have cared much for ordinary variegated yarn, but these… they are like cheating. Just keep knitting, and the pattern comes out. they don’t make perfect Fair Isle designs, but they make Fair Isle impressions. If it will never be noticed on a galloping horse, which my Great Uncle assured me it would not, then it will never be noticed on my own gallopers, either. I’m nearing the end of this first sock of a pair of late summer colored ones.

Summer straw socksThink of honeybees, stubble in the field, hay in the bale, corn in the shuckin’s… all those colors of August.

These are knitted from my favorite toe-up sock pattern, written by Judy Gibson, and generously available online at: http://tiajudy.com/putmeon.htm The sock has a nice gusset, and a nice heel, and the advantage that it can be tried on during knitting. With this pattern I have never come out with a too-long sock foot, revealed only at the closing of the toe. Follow the links to the generic version, and you will be able to size the sock to any foot. Once you find the right chart for your gauge and size, you can do any kind of fancies you might want with the rest of the design.

I just read an article about blocking the finished knitting project, and it made mention of socks. Who blocks socks? I thought they were self-blocking once you put them on your feet. Who on earth blocks socks?

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