Summer Reading

Summertime Reading

Sorry, friends. We at the farm blog are taking a break this week. Yellowcat (who may be an Animagus) and I are busy.

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  1. Susan!

    You’re a nut! I love it! What a wonderful photo. What spell are you using that makes those little stars? Are you enjoying the book? We finished it today! Wednesday, we start for the AGM and second reading…by Jim Dale, on Cd’s while we drive. Let me know how you like the ending…We’re here til Wed., then off. Katrina and Dave Lefever are staying here while we’re gone.

  2. Hmm. That would be “Recto-verso,” I think, for page turning. What was amazing was that Richard, scene designer and photographer, caught Yellowcat just at the moment when she seemed to be looking at what I was doing. Of course, I’m certain she _was_ looking at the wand effect, since I know you cannot train a cat. A little magic from Photoshop Elements helped with the lighting…

  3. I have to tell you, I keep checking back to see if you *really* mean a whole week, and each time, this picture makes me laugh. Well done :-).

  4. Well, since I mostly only post on the weekend, it probably does mean a week. But if you are asking whether we’ve finished the book, yes we have. Very satisfying, too. Out of caution to those who have not turned the last page, that’s all I say. My lip is zipped.

  5. Lumos! of course. 😀

  6. I usually use Lumos as a sort of rechargeable flashlight. Don’t you? 😉

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