Workshop Arrives!

A further report on the homestead project. The workshop building arrived today.

It was a complex delivery. This steel arch building, to measure 20′ by 34′ when it’s completed, came densely packed on a 3′ by 4′ wooden pallet weighing 4,360 pounds, delivered on a really big truck.

The delivery truck

It seemed like a small package on that trailer. The problem was, it was a heavy small package. Nothing on our place can move two tons in one piece. And, besides, the driver was not especially happy to think of driving down our road. So we threw ourselves on the good heart of Wilco Farm Store in Oregon City, and asked whether we could use their parking lot for the delivery, and at the same time, could we use their forklift driver to move the pallet onto our (borrowed) trailer? They agreed, and we met Len from South Carolina at 9:00 o’clock this morning.

The forklift and our workshop

Here is our workshop making its way from Len’s truck to ours. That’s it. That’s the whole building.

We trailered it home and stood looking at our afternoon project. It still weighed 4,360 pounds.

So we took it apart.

Taking it apart

That’s me.

It takes a lot of trips back and forth to shift a whole building. Click the images below to biggify the views of triumphant me and weary Richard after we finished. It still doesn’t really look like enough stuff to make a building, but it does feel like we moved one.

Triumphant me Weary Richard

Now it’s time for a cup of strong tea and a muscle rub.

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  1. I haven’t told you yet, but when I retire – next year, I hope – I’m going to go to Burning Man and from there I’m coming to Oregon to be your apprentice for 6 months. My wife wants me to learn to be handy, too.

    — ge

  2. Ha! I will let Richard know to expect you. We will be sure to have something available that needs carrying back and forth so you can train.

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