Early Indications of a New Project

It may not look like much is going on here:


Lonesome road. Surveyor’s tripods. They’ll be in the way if someone comes along.

The surveyors are confirming (we so hope!) our property lines. It’s a first visible step in our new house project. They have already completed the topological survey of the ground where the house will stand. We needed elevations taken because the house will be earth sheltered. We thought it would be good to know ahead of time whether the lay of the land was as we think it is, and likely to bury the wall we want buried.

So, as I drove out to work on Friday I caught this shot of the men shooting our lines. Even though there is little, at the moment, to suggest a house will rise (or, maybe “descend” would be the better description, for a partly underground house), it has taken a long time to get to this point.

Expect reports to follow at intervals!

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