A Battle of Wills

A picture is worth oh-so many words. Let me share one that brings glad tidings.

Really good news!

This little ewe lamb, having her breakfast, is really good news. She had a shaky start two days ago. Her mother, in a first-time birth, seemed to take one look at the lamb and think, “What the hell is that?” and “Get it away from me!” So for a day and a half, we pushed mom up against the wall, held her leg up, and made clearance for the lamb to suckle. After the first 4 times, the ewe had figured out what was going to happen, and held her own leg out of the way, but wasn’t much inclined to let the lamb feed without the wall-pushing part. A mother’s horns can throw a newborn a fair distance! But lambs are resilient, and determined as well. Between us all, we seem to have convinced Dottie to put up with this infant business. Let me tell you all how pleased I am not to contemplate bottle feeding her lamb for her!

Here is the lamb on her first outing from the lambing shed, on Sunday afternoon. First Day afternoon.

Pretty Pose.

With a lot of white in her pattern, she sort of makes up for the dark one from last week. If we could average them, we’d have a perfect Jacob sheep!

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  1. Hi, Susan,

    She’s a cute little thing! Glad you don’t have to bottle feed her…bottle fed babies are very cute, but bottle fed adults can be quite annoying, seemingly having forgotten about boundaries! My oldest ewe at the moment was supplemented as a lamb and she really does think she’s entitled to more, just because she had a bottle from me when she was little. And she’s 11: you’d think she’d get the picture by now, since she is really ignored when she asks for more grain than the others, more hay, more pets, more…I had a teacher in seminary who defined sin as “I want more.” I sort of like that.

  2. Yes, they are darling as lambs. But, oh, the hours that go into bottling! And the expense of that lamb formula! My oh, my. I’d much rather have the mom take care of all that.

    I’m not sure about that Marcel style coat she’s wearing. But it’s hard to tell from lamb fleece just how they’ll turn out later.


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