We have a wondrous creature on the farm. His name is William. When he arrived a few years ago, his name was “Willy,” but he has far too much dignity for that.

Here is a portrait of William.


Hmm. Well, one of the problems with a mule is his curious nature. Try to take a picture of him and he will either come see what you’re doing, or, in another mood, will assert a mule’s most salient characteristic: attitude.

Here he is with attitude:


He’s been rolling to help shed out his winter coat, and his roll place is muddy from the rains, so he is especially lovely right now. How you can look like that and still exude superiority is a mule gift. How do I know he’s not just facing the other way? Because his ears are in their “This is what I think of your camera” position. Also, he slowly and elegantly passed gas during the comment period.

Here is another ear thing:


That may be half “yes” and half “no.” Sometimes it’s hard to be sure. Mules are greatly about ears.

Ah. Finally he made nice for a moment:


He still has on the old brown coat with the hairs and mud on it, but he’s looking kindly. Behind the tree on the right you can see Yellowcat departing the scene.

One more statement:


That’s his dinnerware. I suppose he doesn’t like the pattern.

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